Discover Barmoor

Luxury Lodge & Caravan Park In Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumberland

Escape to Barmoor Castle, Northumbria’s most exclusive, owners-only and family run luxury lodge and caravan park.

Our lodge and caravan park is nestled within over 200 acres of picturesque countryside and surrounded by the golden beaches of the Northumberland coast, the majestic Cheviot Hills and the awe-inspiring Scottish Borders.

Our Barmoor

We’re proud to be an independent, family business and have come a long way transforming the Castle grounds since 1979

Hedley and Ann Lamb bought Barmoor Castle as a landlocked, derelict and neglected 12 acre estate in need of alot of love and care.

The first area of the Park is opened, Cannon Lawn

We felt Cannon Lawn was an appropriate name because it is believed that Brig-General William Sitwell brought a Cannon back from Khartoum and it stood proudly on this area for many years.

Palm Lawn, which was the 2nd phase of park development.

Creating an additional 35 pitches which were occupied very quickly. Palm Lawn was named this as there is a palm tree in the centre of the lawn and it is believed that the Sitwells brought this back from either Egypt or India. We have since planted two more palm trees.

Marks the year of completion of our woodland and nature walk.

The walk cover 1600 meters and over 10,000 trees were planted over a two year period.

Opened on Sunday 22nd July 2018, Hedley Hall saw the realisation of a dream of Jamie, Ann and Jodi to create a true hub for activities in the park.

Named after the late and much missed Hedley Lamb, Hedley Hall was designed by Berwick architect David Dobbson. Freddie Lamb born as 3rd generation successor.

The Lamb Family branch out and expand.

By taking over the running and management of a new park – Lucker Country Park.